History: Time line of Dr Prabhat Das Foundation


June '06: Dr Prabhat Das Foundation started working in Darbhanga, Bihar.
June '07: More than 200 “Mini Library-cum-Community Centers” were
functioning by the end of first year.
August '07: Volunteers of the Foundation worked hard providing the relief
to the victims of flood in Bihar.
September '07: A plan for periodic (every few months) competitions among
students was implemented.
Nov.-Dec. '07: Ten regional offices of Dr Prabhat Das Foundation were
established in different Blocks.
March '08: Hundreds of social workers were facilitated by Dr Prabhat Das
Foundation for their social work & contributions to the society.
May '08: A Hindi news magazine "Foundation Express" was started by this
foundation in Bihar.
Oct.-Nov. '08: Extensive visit of Drs Das (the founders of the foundation) in
Bihar to meet all volunteers & local people.
Nov.-Dec. '08: 'Clean Your Village' movement started by the volunteers of
this organization.
January '09: The best volunteers of the organization were facilitated by the
foundation at different functions.
January '09: A building older than Christ was discovered by Mukesh Kumar
Jha of Dr Prabhat Das Foundation.
April '09: Publishing of Madhubani edition of "Foundation Express" started.
May '09: A regional office of the foundation was started at Muzaffarpur,
Bihar. Muzaffarpur edition of "Foundation Express" also started.
June '09: The third anniversary of the foundation was celebrated at several
places in Bihar. By this time the foundation has become active in several
districts of north Bihar.

In the beginning Drs Das themselves were the only two volunteers, but by

the end of two years the number of local volunteers was more than 10,000.
At present, the Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation has spread wide and is working
among the poor people of several districts like Darbhanga, Madhubani,
Samastipur, Sitamarhi and Muzaffarpur.
Currently there is one office in New Jersey, USA; and there are two regional
offices at Darbhanga (Shivam Complex, VIP Road, Laheriasarai Bihar,
India) & Muzaffarpur (Brahmapura, P.O.-MIT Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India),
and several local offices in Bihar, especially in Mithila & Tirhut regions.
All the office bearers of this foundation are volunteers. Though a few of
these volunteers get some honorarium, there is no salaried employee in this.
Dr Prabhat Das is the guiding force of this organization,
& the voluntary core staff include Mukesh kumar Jha (coordinator),
Md. Anees Siddiqui, I.B.L. Das, Raj Kumar Ganeshan.
The working of the Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation is based on the motto --
"Help others to help themselves." The foundation also believes in the
concept of "Local development with the help of local people". In almost
every Mohalla & Gram panchayat there is a group of volunteers of this
foundation. These volunteers are actively involved in all aspects of charity
work of the foundation. The Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation is very active in
the fields of education (quiz, competitions, scholarship), especially vocational
education (computer courses, sewing training centers), sports, free health
camps, small scale industries (handicrafts and Mithila painting), public
awareness programs, specific programs for youth, women and children.
Every year June 28th is celebrated as "Foundation Day"
by all the volunteers of this organization.


Minilibrary-cum-Community Centers
Dr Prabhat Das Foundation runs more than 300 active centers in Bihar that

work as mini libraries as well as community centers. These centers have
news papers, periodicals & some books. These minilibraries are also used as
venues for cultural activities & local meetings.
Computer Literacy Course
This organization provides computer literacy to poor students. There are

several mobile computer literacy camps. A camp stays at one place for about
one month and teach interested students the basics of computer use. Those
who want to learn more are referred to other training centers.
Periodic competitions among students
Every few months, Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation organizes quiz & various

competitions among students at many centers. These competitions are held
at Panchayat, Block & District levels. Different areas of competitions include
general knowledge, mathematics, science, arts, debates etc. The successful
candidates get prizes & sometimes financial assistance or scholarships.
Establishing small scale industries
Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation has helped many poor people (especially poor

women) by starting small-scale industries like centers for handicrafts and
centers for food products. Periodically Dr Prabhat Das Foundation sponsors
exhibitions so that local women workers can sell these handmade things. The
total profit goes to these workers.
Sewing & tailoring training program
There are several sewing & tailoring centers which are sponsored by Dr

Prabhat Das Foundation. Majority of them work as mobile centers, camping
at one place for a few weeks to months.
Help during emergencies
During floods, volunteers of Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation have worked hard

to save lives. Flood is the commonest natural disaster in this area.
Free medical camps
Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation organizes free medical camps for local poor

people. Most of the times these medical camps have general physicians to
provide medical care, but sometimes specialists (e.g.; surgeons,
gynecologists) are also available.
Encouraging sports
Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation sponsors different games & sports events.

Talented sports persons are awarded prizes & certificates by this
organization. Every few months sports competitions are held in different
locations for local children & students. Regional sports tournaments for
kabaddi, cricket, volleyball etc are periodically organized. As women
participation in sports is rare in this area, this organization especially
encourages girls to take part in these sports events.
Women empowerment
Empowering women aims to inspire women with the courage to break free

from the chains of limiting societal conditioning that have traditionally kept
women suppressed. The foundation organizes women rallies, provides
vocational education & other supports to women.
Women from different fields e.g., students, workers, doctors are active
volunteers of this organization.
Increasing public awareness
Every month the foundation organizes various functions (e.g., debates,

discussions) to make the public more aware about local & national problems.
Clean your village movement
Periodically thousands of volunteers of Dr Prabhat Das Foundation take part

in "Clean Your Village Movement". In this local society cleaning public
places is considered taboo & is left for people of certain caste. This type of
public cleaning movement, which is inspired by Gandhian philosophy,
therefore also has significant social effect.
Tree plantation
This organization encourages people to plant more trees. The volunteers of

the foundation make people aware about environment and its effect on
human life. Dr Prabhat Das Foundation sponsors plantation of trees at
different public place.
Encourage volunteering
Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation encourages volunteering among general people.

The foundation has very skilled volunteers like physicians as well as many
people who just love to work for the society.
News magazine: Foundation Express
Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation also publishes a Hindi weekly news magazine

Foundation Express in Bihar. There are three local editions of "Foundation
Express" for Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur & Madhubani regions. Professor
Ramchandra ‘Chandresh’ is the editor. The purpose of this news magazine is
to educate public & to raise their awareness regarding national issues.