In the Corona crisis, masks are being distributed by Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation. The Foundation's campaign was praised by the city's famous doctor Dr. Sridev Das and also inspired to continue it.

Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation is in News.

Dr. Prabhat Das foundation distributed Mask in Ward 47.

In ward number 35 of Darbhanga Nagar, for the distribution of masks among the cleaning workers, it has been made available by the NGO Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation.

The masks were provided to the sanitation workers by Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation and they were also thanked for working in odd conditions.

Renowned Scientist Padmashri Dr. Manas Bihari Verma appreciated the works of Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation.

Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation distributed Masks at various places in the Darbhanga city.