computer litracy

This organization provides computer literacy to poor students. There are several mobile computer literacy camps. A camp stays at one place for about one month and teach interested students the basics of computer use. Those who want to learn more are referred to other training centers.


Every few months, Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation organizes quiz & various competitions among students at many centers. These competitions are held at Panchayat, Block & District levels. Different areas of competitions include general knowledge, mathematics, science, arts, debates etc. The successful candidates get prizes & sometimes financial assistance or scholarships.


Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation sponsors different games & sports events. Talented sports persons are awarded prizes & certificates by this organization.


Periodically thousands of volunteers of Dr Prabhat Das Foundation take part in "Clean Your Village Movement". In this local society cleaning public places is considered taboo & is left for people of certain caste.




This organization encourages people to plant more trees. The volunteers of the foundation make people aware about environment and its effect on human life. Dr Prabhat Das Foundation sponsors plantation of trees at different public place.

Sewing & tailoring training program

There are several sewing & tailoring centers which are sponsored by Dr
Prabhat Das Foundation. Majority of them work as mobile centers, camping at one place for a few weeks to months.


Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation organizes free medical camps for local poor people. Most of the times these medical camps have general physicians to provide medical care, but sometimes specialists (e.g.; surgeons, gynecologists) are also available.



Empowering women aims to inspire women with the courage to break free from the chains of limiting societal conditioning that have traditionally kept women suppressed. The foundation organizes women rallies, provides vocational education & other supports to women. Women from different fields e.g., students, workers, doctors are active
volunteers of this organization.


During floods, volunteers of Dr. Prabhat Das Foundation have worked hard to save lives. Flood is the commonest natural disaster in this area.